Popular U.S. Dressage Data Website Centerline Scores Shut Down

Wellington, Fla. – Dec. 5, 2019 – In an blog published by CenterlineScores.com’s founder Jay Stevens Dec. 5, the popular data company announced they would be shutting down the website immediately. Often praised for improving transparency for the dressage community in the United States, equestrians could access over 2 million USDF scores on a user-friendly website. The first website of its kind to offer free reports brought the industry to the 21st century of technology and sports analysis.

Centerline Scores provided data-driven reports for horses, riders and trainers to improve accountability to verify trainers’ or sellers’ claims. The CLS Ranking System was also a favorite aspect of the site as many dressage riders felt their ‘star’ system helped provide a more in depth picture of someone’s competition experience compared to the USDF bronze, silver and gold medals.

In the Centerline Scores announcement, Stevens wrote:

“For a number of reasons, many out of our control, it is no longer viable or sustainable to continue CenterlineScores,” Stevens wrote. “Starting in 2010, we made all the public data that the USDF published in their Results Calendar available to users at no charge as a labor-of-love and a gift to the American Dressage community. This would have been impossible without the financial support of a single advertiser and supporter. Just over a year ago, we asked our most active users to pay a small monthly subscription, while 85% of our visitors still used the site without any subscription or fee. Today, we have made the hard decision to shut down operations because we can no longer consistently deliver the same level of quality we have over the last decade and the costs have simply become prohibitive.

As of this morning, all existing CenterlineScores subscriptions have been cancelled and we are in the process of taking the site offline. We are proud of CenterlineScores’ accomplishments. For almost 10 years, we gave American Dressage enthusiasts an alternative to buying expensive individual score reports and what one of our users called “a horrid” user experience. We were surprised and happy when the USDF gave us the sincerest flattery by copying our display format and interaction patterns. We hope and believe that the Dressage world is more transparent & more educated because of our efforts.”

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