Polish Arabian Edykts Enchantres Shows Her Skills at Grand Prix

Lexington, KY – November 18, 2015 ­– Though warmbloods often claim the spotlight in upper level dressage, a handful of Arabians qualified to strut their stuff at the US Dressage Finals. Courtney Varney from Ocala, Florida, grew up riding Arabians, and she competed in the US Dressage Finals Grand Prix Freestyle Adult Amateur Championship on Edykts Enchantres, a 15­year­old Polish Arabian mare.

Courtney Varney and Edykts Enchantres

Varney, a full time equine veterinarian, bought “Tess” as a 2­year­old and started the mare herself. Over the past 13 years, they have moved up through the levels, and they started competing Grand Prix in 2014.

Courtney Varney and Edykts Enchantres

“It is my first time at the US Dressage Finals and it has been really fun, especially being able to compete in the Alltech Arena,” Varney said. “This is our second year at Grand Prix, so we still have a lot to learn, but we are getting there! Tess feels like she is in the peak of her performance so hopefully we will be returning next year.”

She credits the Arabian’s athleticism and willing attitude for the breed’s easy trainability, noting their talent for lateral work.

“I love the Arabian breed,” Varney said. “They are very smart, and I find that nothing is very hard for her because of her athleticism and her great mind. Most of the time she is really laid back and gets hyped up very rarely.”

Courtney Varney and Edykts Enchantres

Varney is unsure if she will compete in any CDIs during the winter season, but she is always willing to keep her riding goals open.

“This mare has already surpassed all my goals!” Varney said. “We have had a lot of road bumps on the way, but we finally made it to Grand Prix. I don’t think she is ready to compete in the open CDIs but after all she has shown me, I never rule anything out. I didn’t think we would get our Gold Medal, and now we are here at US Dressage Finals.”

Courtney Varney and Edykts Enchantres
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