Pilot Phase of Short Grand Prix Introduced at London Olympia

Wellington, Fla. – Oct. 4, 2018 – Over the last decade, dressage professionals, organizers and enthusiasts have put their heads together to brainstorm effective ways to increase spectator engagement at competitions. Following brainstorming meetings with the FEI World Cup Western European League organizers and top riders, they are excited to announce a new pilot initiative. At CDI-W London Olympia, which takes place Dec. 17-18, the organizing committee will run a shorter Grand Prix test.

Carl Hester and Hawtins Delicato

“We are pleased to inform you that, as proposed, the OC of the CDI-W London Olympia (GBR) will conduct a pilot test for the Grand Prix, by using a shorter Grand Prix test,” the committee announced. “The aim of this pilot phase is to maintain a pacey and interesting competition on the first day, keep the audience engaged, and expose emotions with direct interview of the athletes still mounted at the end of the test”

The requirements for the short Grand Prix test will be published at a later time by London Olympia.

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