Lütkemeier and Werth Ride to the Top at World Dressage Masters Wiesbaden CDI5*

Fabienne Lütkemeier and Qui Vincit Dynamis. Photo by WRFC/Lafrentz.

Wiesbaden, Germany – May 16, 2016 – Germany’s most decorated dressage athlete and one of its most accomplished young stars dominated the competition as the World Dressage Masters series made its first appearance in Wiesbaden over the weekend. Isabell Werth rode Olympic prospect Weihegold OLD to double victories in the Grand Prix Special and the Grand Prix qualifier for that class, while Fabienne Lütkemeier captured the Grand Prix Freestyle and the corresponding Grand Prix qualifier.

Lütkemeier and Qui Vincit Dynamis started out strong with a 70.94 percent in Saturday’s Grand Prix, edging out Germany’s Sönke Rothenberger and Favourit, who scored 70.9 percent for second place. They returned Sunday evening to lay down a beautiful performance under the floodlights, scoring a 76.75 percent. Highlights included their piaffe and flying changes as well as the elasticity and harmony between rider and horse.

“I am completely happy with Quinci,” Lütkemeier said after her ride on the 17-year-old Oldenburg gelding. “He did such a good job and we really enjoyed it. I have used D’Agostino’s freestyle as I did during the World Cup Final in Las Vegas. It is a difficult freestyle, but Quinci can do it and it fits him.”

Juliane Brunkhorst showcased excellent half-passes and passage with Fürstano, her 11-year-old Hanoverian stallion, to take second place with a 74.35 percent. Italy’s Valentina Truppa finished in third place with the 19-year-old Fixdesign Chablis, scoring a 73.450 percent.

Isabell Werth rode Weihegold OLD, one of two mounts she is aiming toward a spot on the German Olympic team, to consistent scores just shy of 80 percent. In Sunday’s Grand Prix qualifier for the Grand Prix Special, she and Weihegold earned a clear victory with a mark of 79.48 percent. The pair were a notch better in Monday’s Special, scoring a 79.804 percent to again lead the field. Germany’s Hubertus Schmidt and Imperio 3 were second in both classes.

Prizegiving of the WDM Grand Prix Freestyle presented by VIAN GROUP. From left: Isabelle Kettner, Wiesbaden dressage manager, Iuliia Parkhomenko of Vian Group, Valentina Truppa (third), Fabienne Lütkemeier (winner), Juliane Brunkhorst (second), Katrina Wuest, president of the jury, and Camil Smeulders, managing director of World Dressage Masters. Photo by WRFC/Lafrentz.

Results: World Dressage Masters Wiesbaden CDI5*

Grand Prix Freestyle, presented by VIAN GROUP
Judges: E: Larysa Velyka (UKR)/H: Susan Hoevenaars (AUS)/C: Katrina Wuest (GER)/M: Thomas Lang (AUT)/B: Peter Holler (GER)
Horse/Country/Rider/Total Score
1. Qui Vincit Dynamis/GER/Fabienne Lütkemeier/76.750%
2. Fürstano/GER/Juliane Brunkhorst/74.350%
3. Fixdesign Chablis/ITA/Valentina Truppa/73.450%
4. Amoricello/GER/Thomas Wagner/72.325%
5. Favourit/GER/Sönke Rothenberger/71.800%
6. Der Clou/POR/Filipe Canelas/71.525%
7. Dance on OLD/GER/Victoria Michalke/71.050%
8. Cristobal 14/GER/Annabel Frenzen/68.325%
9. Don Lorean/JPN/Yuko Kitai/67.775%
10. Fleraro/UKR/Inna Logutenkova/66.125%

Grand Prix Special
Judges: E: Susanne Baarup (DEN)/H: Christoph Umbach (LUX)/C: Evi Eisenhardt (GER)/M: Peter Holler (GER)/B: Larysa Velyka (UKR)
1. Weihegold OLD/GER/Isabell Werth/79.804%
2. Imperio 3/GER/Hubertus Schmidt/74.510%
3. D’Agostino FRH/GER/Fabienne Lütkemeier/72.902%
4. Spirit of the Age OLD/GER/Bernadette Brune/70.961%
5. Don Gregorius 2/UKR/Inna Logutenkova/70.471%
6. Sieger Hit/GER/Juliane Brunkhorst/70.255%
7. Flashman 4/RUS/Ekaterina Maslova/69.725%
8. Radetzky/NED/Marjan van der Jagt/69.412%
8. Languedoc/SWE/Kristian von Krusenstierna/69.412%
10. Fabienne/DEN/Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein/69.216%
11. Quartz of Jazz/FRA/Marie Emilie Bretenoux/68.549%
12. Pentimento/GER/Anna Nolte/68.294%
13. Haddington KHR/BRA/João Victor Marcari Oliva/67.333%
14. Ramoneur 6/RSA/Tanya Seymour/65.020%
15. Fixdesign Ranieri/ITA/Valentina Truppa/64.157%

Grand Prix qualifier for the Grand Prix Freestyle
Judges: E: Thomas Lang (AUT)/H: Katrina Wuest (GER)/C: Ghislain Fouarge/M: Susan Hoevenaars (AUS)/B: Dr. Evi Eisenhardt (GER)
1. Qui Vincit Dynamis/GER/Fabienne Lütkemeier/70.940%
2. Favourit/GER/Sönke Rothenberger/70.900%
3. Fürstano/GER/Juliane Brunkhorst/69.700%
4. Amoricello/GER/Thomas Wagner/68.880%
5. Fixdesign Chablis/ITA/Valentina Truppa/68.500%
6. Dance on OLD/GER/Victoria Michalke/68.380%
7. Cristobal 14/GER/Annabel Frenzen/67.600%
8. Der Clou/POR/Filipe Canelas/67.360%
9. Don Lorean/JPN/Yuko Kitai/66.880%
10. Fleraro/UKR/Inna Logutenkova/65.100%

Grand Prix qualifier for the Grand Prix Special
Judges: E: Christoph Umbach (LUX)/H: Ghislain Fouarge (NED)/C: Susanne Baarup (DEN)/M: Dr. Evi Eisenhardt (GER)/B: Henning Lehrmann (GER)
1. Weihegold OLD/GER/Isabell Werth/79.480%
2. Imperio 3/GER/Hubertus Schmidt/75.220%
3. Dablino FRH/GER/Anabel Balkenhol/75.120%
4. D’Agostino FRH/GER/Fabienne Lütkemeier/74.180%
5. Don Gregorius 2/UKR/Inna Logutenkova/71.500%
6. Spirit of the Age OLD/GER/Bernadette Brune/70.580%
7. Languedoc/SWE/Kristian von Krusenstierna/69.360%
8. Fabienne/DEN/Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein/69.120%
9. Sieger Hit/GER/Juliane Brunkhorst/69.080%
10. Pentimento/GER/Anna Nolte/68.920%
11. Radetzky/NED/Marjan van der Jagt/68.100%
12. Flashman 4/RUS/Ekaterina Maslova/67.880%
13. Ramoneur 6/RSA/Tanya Seymour/66.740%
14. Quartz of Jazz/FRA/Marie Emilie Bretenoux/65.880%
15. Haddington KHR/BRA/João Victor Marcari Oliva/64.100%
15. Fixdesign Ranieri/ITA/Valentina Truppa/64.100%

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