First U25 CHIO Aachen Dressage Nations’ Cup Goes to the Netherlands

Aachen, Germany – July 19, 2017 – 2017 is an historical year in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. For the first time ever, a Nations’ Cup was staged for under 25-year-old dressage riders in this year’s CHIO in Aachen, Germany.

“Aachen always has a special charm for us,” revealed Alex van Silfhout, the Chef d’Equipe of the talented young Dutch dressage riders. The father of the Olympic rider, Diederik van Silfhout, didn’t just mean the exceptional atmosphere at the Soers, but also the sport itself.

“We are never good in Aachen!” he continued. “The Germans are too strong.”

However, today Team NED managed to leave the German squad trailing behind them.

Prize of Liselott and Klaus Rheinberger Foundation Photo by Michael Strauch/CHIO Aachen. 

With a total score of 145.605, Maxime van der Vlist with Bailey (72.289 percent), Denise Nekeman with Boston STH (68.395 percent) as well as Anne Meulendijks with MDH Avanti (73.316 percent) went down in history as the first U25 Nations’ Cup winners in the Deutsche Bank Stadium. “These three riders are the best that Holland has to offer in this age group”, emphasized van Silfhout and added with a laugh, “This year we have no reason to moan!”

The eternal rivals from Germany finished with a total score of 140.868. Things didn’t runs smoothly for the first rider, Lisa-Maria Klössinger with FBW Daktari, actually one of the strongest German pairs.

“The dressage arena is not the same as usual,” stated Klössinger, “in terms of its size alone. It intimidated Daktari somewhat.”

This was also a reason why the two had both highs and lows, as the U25 national coach, Sebastian Heinze, put it. Nevertheless, she was still awarded a score of 69.789 percent.

On the other hand, things went well for Bianca Nowag and Fair Play BB and they earned a 71.079 percent.

“I had a great feeling. In the case of Fair Play the more impressive the environment is, the better she performs,” the 22-year-old reported. “One is so proud to be able to compete here.”

The third member of the team was Juliette Piotrowski with Sir Diamond. The pair were the only ones on the team who had already competed at the Soers. They took part in the U25 Tour last year, albeit without the Nations’ Cup classification. Finishing with a score of 69.789 percent, they didn’t quite live up to their potential today.

Third place with a total score of 140.474 went to the strong team of Swedish riders Lina Jönsson with Quentin (69.316 percent). Mathilde Hannell with Deela Mae (66.605 percent) and Josefin Gyllenswärd with Don Angelo (71.158 percent).

At the conclusion of the first U25 Nations’ Cup in Aachen, the German national coach, Sebastian Heinze, was positive in spite of the defeat by their Dutch rivals.

“For the riders it is the ideal opportunity to learn how to cope with the pressure,” Heinze said. “Riding for the team is something completely different than when one is just competing for oneself. All three are used to riding at championships, but rubbing shoulders with the stars in Aachen is a completely different game.”


1. Netherlands

CNR                   Rider                                        Horse                                      Score

309                    Maxime VAN Der VLIST        Bailey                                       72.289

312                    Denise Nekeman                    Boston STH                           69.395

364                    Anne Meulendijks                   MDH Avanti                            73.316

2. Germany    

CNR                    Rider                                        Horse                                   Score     

346                      Lisa-Maria Klossinger          FBW Daktari                        69.789    

344                      Bianca Nowag                       Fair Play RB                        71.079   

377                      Juliette Gyllensward            Don Angelo                         71.158

3. Sweden

CNR                    Rider                                        Horse                                  Score

368                     Lina Jonsson                           Quentin                              69.316

328                     Mathilde Hannell                    Deela Mae                          66.605

337                     Josefin Gyllensward              Don Angelo                        71.158

4. Austria

CNR                    Rider                                       Horse                                  Score

383                     Karoline Valenta                   Valenta’s Diego                 68.184

334                     Diana Porsche                       Di Sandro OLD                  67.526

5. Denmark

CNR                    Rider                                        Horse                                 Score

351                      Marlene Storkborg                Fritz                                    69.974

327                      Sille Engermann                    Darius                                65.342


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