Starting List for CDIO5* Nations Cup Aachen

Aachen, Germany – July 17, 2018 – The list of riders competing in the CDIO5* competition at the 2018 World Equestrian Festival CHIO in Aachen, Germany taking place July 18-22 has been announced. The CDIO5* Grand Prix will kick off in the Deutsche Bank Stadium Thursday, July 19, with competition continuing on Saturday with the CDIO5* Grand Prix Special and the individual competition, the Grand Prix Freestyle, occurring on Sunday. The fight to step on the Nations Cup podium in Aachen will be a practice round for countries leading up to the World Equestrian Games [WEG], which will be held in September in Tryon, North Carolina.

Helen Langehanenberg and Damsey FRH

Mounts of Laura Graves, Adrienne Lyle, Kasey Perry-Glass and Steffen Peters all passed the health inspection on Wednesday, July 18 and will be representing the United States in the Nations Cup CDIO5*. The competition marks the third and final observation event before U.S. riders are selected for the WEG team.

One of the most frequently posed questions dressage spectators may overhear while in Aachen: Who can beat Isabell Werth? Alongside Sönke Rothenberger, Graves is the name mentioned most frequently in this connection as she has topped the leaderboard over Werth twice in the past year. After Rothenberger’s horse, Cosmo, sustained an injury and the pair had to withdraw, Graves is indeed Werth’s fiercest component. Werth will not be competing her top mount and two-time World Cup Finals champion, Weihegold OLD, as she will be riding down centerline about Emilio.

“It is the most demanding show in the world, the best and strongest riders compete here,” Graves explained. “That is what I look forward to seeing most, how we stand. Aachen is of course great preparation for the World Equestrian Games.

Laura Graves and Verdades

“We travel everywhere with the aim of winning,” she continued. “That is also what I hope to do in Aachen. We actually managed to do that in one competition last year and we had a good result at the World Cup Final in Paris. Verdades is in very good form, there is no reason why we couldn’t pull it off again in Aachen.”

The following list is the riders from around the world participating in the CDIO5*.


Belinda Weinbauer / Söhnlein Brilliant MJ / Marianne Jerich 


Jorinde Verwimp / Tiamo


Daniel Bachmann Andersen / Blue Hors Zack / Blue Hors Aps
Anders Dahl / Selten HW / Anders Dahl & P. Bigwood 
Cathrine Dufour / Atterupgaards Cassidy / Dufour Family 
Anna Zibrandtsen / Arlando / Bregnerodgaard APS 


Great Britain

Lara Butler / Rubin al Asad / Dr. W & U. Bechtolsheimer 
Emile Faurie / Delatio / Elena Knyaginicheva 


Jessica von Bredow-Werndl / TSF Dalera BB / Beatrice A. Burchler-Keller
Helen Langehanenberg / Damsey FRH / Louise Leatherdale & Susanne Meyer
Dorothee Schneider / Sammy Davis Jr. / Matthias Herbert 
Isabell Werth / Emilio / Madeleine Winter-Schulze & Isabell Werth 


Judy Reynolds / Vancouver K / Joe & Kathleen Reynolds 


Riccardo Sanavio / Glock’s Federleicht / Ing. Gaston Glock 


Kazuki Sado / Barolo / Japan Racing Association 


Anne Meulendijks / MDH Avanti N.O.P. / MDH Sporthorses BV & A. Meulendijks
Hans Peter Minderhoud / Zanardi / H.P.F. Minderhoud & R. Landa 
Emmelie Scholtens / Apache / A. Valk 
Madeleine Witte-Vrees / Cennin / N.F. Witte & J.E.J. Cuppen 


Daniel Pinto / Santurion de Massa / Syndicat Santurion 


Claudio Castilla Ruiz / Alcaide / Claudio Castilla & Yeguada la Perla 
Beatriz Ferrer-Salat / Delgado / Deliber S.L. 
José Antonio Garcia Mena / Benzi Landro / Mercedes Freixas Fuste 
Severo Jurado Lopez / Deep Impact 3 / Helgstrand Dressage A/s 


Anna-Mengia Aerne / Raffaelo v. Bene / Aerne-Caliezi Anna-Mengia 
Alexandra Zurbrugg / Get Time / Kym Katharina 


Jeanna Hogberg / Duendecillo P / Anne Niemi 
Rose Mathisen / Zuidenwind 1187 / Gransbo Stuteri & VDL Stud 
Therese Nilshagen / Dante Weltino OLD / Dressurpferde Leistungsz & T. Nilshagen 

United States

Laura Graves / Verdades / Laura Graves & Curt Maes
Adrienne Lyle / Salvino / Betsy Juliano
Kasey Perry-Glass / Goerklintgaards Dublet / Diane Perry
Steffen Peters / Rosamunde / Four Winds Farm 


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