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Deb Kalas
July 14, 2013
Equestrian Photography And Your Clothing Choices
By Guest Columnist Deborah Kalas
Sunday, July 14, 2013 :: Posted 10:46:00 AM EDT

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As an equine photographer and equestrian for over thirty years, I like bringing new approaches to photographing horses and riders. Typically, locations are at a stable, a pasture nearby, or at a horse show. Clothing may be jeans, jodhpurs or show clothes. Thinking outside the box I look for alternatives for locations and clothing.

Last fall, I purchased Sarco, a four year old Irish Sport Horse/Belgium Warm blood by Darco. I thought long and hard about what photographs I would like to make of him. One of my hobbies is International Ballroom Dancing. Dancing and riding have so much in common. You have a partnership. You need balance, rhythm, timing and precision. You can’t worry about the last step you took or you will miss your next step. You may have a course to complete at a horse show, or a quickstep routine for a competition. Every time I ride I am looking to be one with my horse. Moving across the ground, rising and falling I feel our energy. I had my photo assistant make my dreams a reality. Wearing one of my ballroom gowns I climbed aboard Sarco and went for a ride. 

Equestrian Photography

Equestrian PhotographyNext time you decide to schedule a portrait session for your horse, let’s brainstorm and come up with what best represents the relationship you and your horse have.

Equestrian PhotographyMost of all, have fun!!

Editor's note: Deborah Kalas is a published photojournalist based in the Hamptons and Palm Beach who brings her talent of story telling to the world of portrait photography.  She graciously agreed to allow us to republish her article here.  For more information about Deborah and to view some of her photos, click on

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